burnaby potters guild


The Burnaby Potters Guild has a current membership of 21

We are currently looking for new members (click on contact at left)

Our members are a talented and hardworking bunch.

Here are some images of their work and links to their own websites


Amy Chang

  Romeo and Juliet  from Imperfection series

Camila Giffoni


Danny Kostyshin


Ode to George Harrison from Millenium Plate Project

Eva Lederer


Janet Zadra



Joe Ito



Louise Mele

 chip and dip serving platter

Miya Kondo


Penny Swanson

Display table 

folded vessel   

Wei Cheng


Golden Revival

Derek Cheng



Evelyn Dyck

Fish:  Serving set

Jessie Tse


John Winkler

 Celadon tea vessels

Kate Arkiletian


Lynne Fanthorpe

carbon trap shino bowl

Maya Tatuch



Susan Boswell



Valerie Parrish


Zoe Ho




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