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  The Guild, although not a teaching organization, is committed to encouraging the wider community to participate in and appreciate the craft and art of  ceramic design , pottery, and sculptural constructions. Many of our members are educators, socially conscious citizens, and  artists in their own right.  We enjoy interacting with the community and are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

"The purposes of the Society are:
a) To advance knowledge and appreciation, and to stimulate interest in
 ceramics through association with a group of people with shared
interest in this area, and through exhibitions, and workshops.
b) To make familiar ceramic processes and studio organization."

The Burnaby Potters Guild has spaces for new members to join. If you are interested in becoming part of our community, there are some things you should know.

The Guild is a working guild.  As well as putting on two major sales during the year, we fire our own bisqueware, make our own glazes, and fire the gas kiln. In turn, this entails a significant work commitment from prospective members.  Each member is expected to attend the monthly meeting, have an ongoing job keeping the Guild operations running smoothly, as well as participate in the firing of their work. We have access to the centre three days a week:  

 Tuesday: 9-5 pm

  Friday :   9- 10pm

  Sunday:  9-10pm

We need to work around the schedule of the Shadbolt Centre, so a certain degree of flexibility is sometimes entailed.

That being said, the Guild is an excellent option for ceramic artists who are able to work independently but are not yet ready to support their own studio. We pay a fixed membership fee per month to cover rent, and then the finished ware is costed individually to cover the rental of the gas kiln and the glaze materials.

Are you interested in joining?

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