burnaby potters guild

Join the Burnaby Potters' Guild on Saturday June 8 for our Summer Show and Sale, "Summer time blues".  You'll find an array of hand crafted ceramics, including functional ware and sculptural works.


The Burnaby Potters' Guild works from this room in historic Mather's House, situated at the     Shadbolt Center for the Arts .


The Burnaby Potters' Guild is a long established working guild of ceramic artists based in Burnaby, British Columbia. It  promotes the appreciation of clay arts by making studio space available to potters and clay artists, participating in community events,  and holding regular exhibitions and sales.

The  Guild had its beginnings in the classes at the (then) Burnaby Arts Centre. Simon Brafman, supported by Lloyd Berry (Director, Burnaby Art Centre) offered advanced students further instruction in pottery techniques. Ten of these students formed the Burnaby Potters' Guild in 1977.

In the early years, Guild members helped out with Arts Centre programs including teaching, demonstrations, and glaze making. The Guild has participated in many efforts to raise awareness of ceramic arts in Burnaby, including Raku-u's, shows, and participation in local events.

Over the years the Guild has made major and minor donations to the Burnaby Arts Centre ($1200.00 in 1985 to help build a gas kiln, $22,000.00 worth of equipment in 1995/6), the Burnaby Arts Council, and Artist's Helping Artists. The Guild has sponsored many educational workshops over the years at the Arts Centre, and helped in sponsoring the first Clay Symposium in Burnaby.

The Guild continues to rent space and equipment from the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby. Members work together to produce glazes and fire their own ware in a variety of kilns, using many techniques and constantly experimenting. The Guild holds two major shows per year (Summer and Christmas) and participates in other events at the Shadbolt Centre.




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